Stride Skills Arcade: Game-Based Learning Platform

Trylonix Corporation was hired by LTS Education Systems to design and build Stride Skills Arcade, their next generation game-based learning platform. Our team combined addictive gaming with an adaptive curriculum engine to deliver targeted lessons and skill-based practice to the student and continual assessment information to the teacher.

“Stride Academy is fabulous! It is the best of both worlds: the students’ world of play, fun and competition and the teacher’s world of education, engagement, rigor, and achievement! I am so pleased to have the opportunity to offer this to my students. They beg to “play” it and are even eager to watch the videos to earn more tokens. Stride Academy has changed the face of educational software programs.”

– B. Christine Overstreet, Grades 4/5 STEM Instructor
Monarch Academy, Baltimore Campus

Stride Homescreen

Running on tablets (iPad, Android) and all modern browsers (Windows/Mac/Linux), Stride Academy is currently in daily use by hundreds of thousands of students, in grades PreK through high school. We’re also proud to report that Stride Academy has been awarded the prestigious 2015 BESSIE award and has been named one of the 20 most promising K-12 solution providers of 2015 by CIO Review.

Stride Academy encompasses reading, language arts, science, math, U.S. history, and biology, with a variety of question types, targeted instructional videos, printable PDF lessons, and Spanish language support.

Drag and Drop Question

Spanish Language Support


The OpenStride game api allows new HTML5-based games to be integrated quickly and easily.




The StrideBuilder toolkit fosters computer literacy by allowing students to construct their own HTML5 games and play them within Stride Academy.


Stride Builder