My Reward Board: Chore Motivation Program

My Reward Board was a motivational software program that used a fun interactive game approach to encourage children to complete their chores, achieve their goals, improve their behavior, and save their money.

With My Reward Board, children enjoyed monitoring their own progress and doing their best as they eagerly awaited the end of the week and their star points reward.

Microsoft was so impressed with My Reward Board that they bundled a version of the program with Microsoft Money!

Key My Reward Board features included:

  • The Can Do Calendar to keep track of weekly tasks and chores
  • The Goal Gizmo to encourage kids to meet their ongoing goals
  • A piggy bank to keep track of allowance and savings goals
  • Reward coupons that were approved by the parent and earned by the child
  • Achievement certificates that showed the results of each week’s efforts
  • A scoreboard that displayed statistics like “best week ever”
  • Ability for parents to assign demerits for unwanted behavior
  • Extensive customizations to fit each family’s style

Dancing Smileys

Scores of parents contacted us to sing the praises of My Reward Board and express their gratitude:

“Wonderful program! Now my 9 year old can take control of her own itinerary. It cuts out most of the nagging and orders from me and the arguing and moping from her. Our daily chores used to be a battle – now it’s as simple as “go check your Reward Board!” Thank you!”


“…This is a wonderful tool!! Just in the first week our son has improved in every single aspect, helping, attitude, and overall excitement about working toward these things on his own. What a wonderful program you’ve created!! Thanks so much!”

-Annie D.

“Robert has ADD, so your reward program has brought sanity to situations that in the past would spiral out of control and turn into nasty POWER STRUGGLES. With this system I’ve been able to reduce the constant nagging to do chores and complete school work. I can now spend that time helping my kids learn self reliance and how to feel good about themselves.”

-Pati D.

“What an amazing program! My kids love the positive reinforcement that my reward board gives them. They love the interaction, and are actually asking for MORE chores! This program makes my life so much more pleasant, and things go so smoothly now. I plan to use this for years to come, and I have told all my friends about it. Thank you!”

-Judy V.

“I just wanted to say that I absolutely love this program! I am a mother of three girls ages 3-11 and every night it was the same thing…yelling, fighting, etc. Since we have been using this, it has been peaceful…and also they are actually eager to get all there chores finished…even the three year old! I wish I would have found this a long time ago! Thank you!!”

-Angeline S.

“Again I have to say; this is an amazing program, I wish I got it a long time ago, but it really works, thank God for that!!! My girls love it and I am so surprised and very happy about how excited they get to win their happy faces and they even do everything they are told!! Yeah me!!! I have told everyone that I know of this program, and they are all going to get it for their own kids!!! Thank you again.”

-Danielle R.

“I love this product. My children ages 2-9 love it. They are motivated every morning to come check their goals and tasks for the day. They are having fun doing chores. They can’t wait for Sundays – reward time. Very creative. I love it, I love it, I love it. I have already recommended it to several families. I know they too will enjoy it. Thanks. You made parenting a little easier.”

-Amparo C.

“The change in my children is unbelievable! They complete their chore list with no problem or arguement! We use demerits when the boys argue or hit each other. I was constantly breaking up fights before the reward board. Now my house is clean, peaceful and everyone gets along. A great program. I wish it came along years ago!”

-Margaret H.