JumpStart: Top-selling edutainment CD-ROMs

Beginning in 1994, our team developed the very first JumpStart edutainment CD-ROM, JumpStart Kindergarten.

Over the next three years we joined with the developers at Knowledge Adventure to build JumpStart into the most successful edutainment series ever, with tens of millions of copies sold.

The 20 titles in the JumpStart series have received numerous industry awards and accolades. Here’s just a sampling:

  • School and Home Learning Award, 1995-1996, Technology & Learning Magazine
  • Multimedia Producer Top 100, 1996, Multimedia Producer Magazine
  • Best Home Learning Program, 1996, Software Publisher’s Association
  • Best CD-ROM/Children’s Education, 1997, PC World

JumpStart Awards

More important than praise from our peers is the tremendous amount of positive feedback that we’ve received from JumpStart customers:

“…She must own all of your programs and successfully completes them to levels far ahead of her age group…she enjoys the kind and positive reinforcement displayed by the characters when making a mistake…What your creative staff provides is truly wonderful and hopefully enriches children all over the world.”

-Helene Pappas

“…Being an educator, I scoured the appropriate magazines and literature for recommendations for a good software program for our son. I came up with the usual Fisher-Price and Disney. Neither was as challenging as yours. The skill levels are right on target with our son’s abilities…Please know that I plan to purchase the other age appropriate software you offer as he grows into the programs.”

-Joanne Glassoffn

“I am writing to express my feelings about your children’s program “JumpStart Kindergarten”. I think you all have done a great job on this software. It is the first one I’ve seen that will hold my son’s attention…The activities are interesting and stimulating. The games are fun and the music is very catchy.”

-David Bass

“…1 month ago we purchased JumpStart 1st Grade. Thank you, thank you! This program is awesome!! My two children, ages 3 and 5 adore this program – it’s wonderful. I can’t keep them off the computer!…Thank you for developing this wonderful software!!”

-Ruth Burland

This sampling of concept drawings, character designs, and storyboards provides a behind-the-scenes peek into the amazing amount of creativity that was poured into each JumpStart title.